Tuesday January 25th 2022

simplehuman Grocery Bag Holder – Gets the job done

For many years I have been collecting those pesky plastic grocery bags in a junk drawer in my kitchen. I am certain I am not the only person who does this, the bags are convenient for small trash bins, wrapping up something smelly, carrying a lunch to work and many other uses. Unfortunately, when many of these bags are put together they become an unruly mess and take over your drawers. I have a small kitchen and I need all the drawer space I can get.

What is the Grocery Bag Holder

The grocery bag holder is a plastic container that can be mounted on the inside of a cabinet door to store your grocery sacks. The holder is 15.5″ tall, 6.5″ wide, 3.5″ deep, and holds 30 bags. The bag holder is plastic and has a fake stainless steel exterior with black plastic accents. The holder is intended to be mounted on the inside of a cabinet door, but really could be mounted anywhere. Mine is mounted inside my pantry. Because it is relatively shallow it does not interfere with my door closing, however you should measure your own cabinet before you mount it.

There are two mounting options for the grocery bag holder. You can either mount it with the two provided screws or with the double sided tape that is also included. I opted to mount with the screws so that I could remove the holder later without damaging my door’s paint. When mounted with the screws I have found the holder is a little shaky on the door. I imagine if you mounted with the tape it would be stuck in place and not move when used.

To put bags in the holder you simply stuff them in the round opening at the top of the holder. You should put one sack at a time in the holder so they don’t become tangled. To remove a bag from the holder you simply grab one from the long vertical opening in the front of the holder and pull the bag loose.

My opinion

This holder is just what I needed to free up drawer space in my kitchen without simply transferring the mess somewhere else. The shape of the container is perfect for holding a sufficient amount of bags while still being small enough to stay out of the way. The design for adding and removing bags also seems to work well as I have not had any tangles or problems dispensing so far. Installation was also quite simple using the screws and would have been even simpler if I used the adhesive. The only negative would be the cheap, flimsy plastic material the holder is made from – but for $12 I think this is to be expected.

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