Wednesday April 17th 2024

What’s the best women’s Smart Watch for Android?

For starters there are not many women specific smart watches on the market. Most of the smart watch designers have taken a more “unisex” approach, which can be challenging when women have physically smaller wrists. Most of the round faced smart watches are 46mm in diameter, which is larger than the flat side of a petite woman’s wrist!

The other problem with most of the smart watches is that they are so focused on features they don’t spend enough time on the design. For me if I am going to wear the watch every day I want it to look nice at the office or going out in the evening.

Assuming everything else is the same (that is that you are already sold on the AndroidWear platform) the choice is about the look and feel. I won’t go into the software interface today since we can assume that is the same.

Moto 360 gen2

Moto360 2nd Gen

The two choices to consider are the Moto 360 gen 2 or the Michael Kors Access. Both watches have very high end looks and come in gold, rose gold or silver. The Motorola 360 has slightly more options as you can choose either a leather strap or metal strap. You can also buy both straps and switch depending on the occasion.

Focusing on the size front the Moto 360 is slightly smaller in diameter and smaller in width. Putting the two watches side by side the Michael Kors watch is noticeably bulkier. Both watches feel a bit heavy with the full metal straps, however the ability to switch the Moto 360 to a leather (or even rubber/silicon) strap cuts the weight way down.

Overall from a look and feel perspective I think the Moto 360 is superior. The slightly slimmer features are great and it is more customizable with the ability to switch the straps. The only reason I would consider the Michael Kors watch over Moto 360 would simply be for brand recognition.

I made this decision about 6 months ago and have been very happy with my Moto 360 and wear it on a daily basis.

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