Thursday September 29th 2022

Peapod – Makes groceries magically appear at your house!

I have personally used Peapod about a dozen times over the past three or four years. Both my wife and I work full time jobs and have busy lives, sometimes we just don’t have time in the week to go out and fight the crowds at the grocery store. Peapod allows us to shop from our home at any hour of the day and have the groceries delivered to our house. I have always been very happy with the service and recommend it to all my friends. If it were not for the cost I would use it every week.

What is Peapod?

Peapod is Stop and Shop’s grocery delivery service. To use the service you log on to and add groceries to your cart. This is just like any other online shopping experience. After you have added your groceries to the cart and begin the checkout process you will be prompted to chose a delivery date and 2 hour window. Once you pick your window and give your credit card information you just have to wait until your designated time and the Peapod delivery driver will show up at your house with your groceries.

Website Navigation

Anyone with prior online shopping experience will have no problem with Peapod’s website. There are a few different ways you can navigate the website. You can simply search for a product, for example you could type “apple” and the search will return categories that have apples, like apple sauce, apple juice and all the different kinds of apples. It also lists the brands that are associated with apples.

Alternatively, you can “browse the aisles” where you click a category like “dairy” and then drill down to the subcategory “milk” and see all the options. You can also browse the sales and add items to your cart that way.

One of my favorite features of the website is that you can sort your results by price. This makes it easy to find the items that are either on sale or just the less expensive brands. It is much easier than going to the store in person and trying to look at the price tag on each of the choices.

Delivery Service / Quality of Groceries

I have always had great luck with the Peapod delivery service. When you place your order you chose a 2 hour window when you want the delivery to arrive. I have always had my deliveries arrive within my chosen window. The drivers that come to the door are always very friendly and bring the groceries inside my house. They must have either freezers or good coolers on their truck because I have ordered ice cream and other frozen goods and they always arrive frozen.

The groceries that Peapod delivers are always fresh and just as good as what you would find in the store. Some people are concerned that they will not get the best produce or meats if they don’t pick them out in person, but I have never had any problems. In fact, I think the Peapod shoppers try and pick the best available items so that there is never any doubt to the quality.

The only negative to Peapod is the delivery cost. Delivery is $9.95. First time customers can usually find coupons for one free delivery but they do not offer any delivery sales to existing customers. Sometimes I feel I can balance this cost out because it is easier to find sale foods on the Peapod website.


I find the selection of goods on to be average. There are definitely items that I search for and can find in the store that are not available to order online at However, I can almost always find a similar product to the one that i am trying to find.


Overall, I think Peapod is a great service. It is especially useful for people that don’t have the time or access to get to the grocery store. The delivery fee is steep at $10 and too much for me to use the service every week. The website is very easy to use and the delivery service is friendly and reliable.

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