Tuesday January 25th 2022

simplehuman Plastic Step Can

I purchased the simplehuman plastic step can about a year ago to replace a cheap-o round garbage can. When shopping for a trash bin I was looking for something small that could fit in a tight space between my fridge and a wall. Something with a lid was a must, for my smelly kitchen trash, but I did not want the lid to become cumbersome. Over the past year I have found this trash can to fit the bill perfectly.

Features and Specs

This trash bin is about 25 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. The bin is slightly wider near the top and narrower at the bottom – but not so much that it would become unstable. The mouth of the bin is the perfect size for a standard kitchen garbage bag. It is just wide enough that the bag stretches slightly and I have never had a problem with the bag slipping off. The outside of the bin is a matte black plastic with a silver (faux stainless steel) handle and step. This bin would look good in a kitchen with either black or stainless steel appliances.

The bin has a number of features. Most notable is the large step on the bottom front which opens the barrel’s lid. After a year of use the step still functions perfectly. The lid also has an anti-slam feature: when you take your foot off the step or push the lid shut it slowly closes itself so as not to slam. Another feature that is included but I don’t use is a lock for the lid. If you had small children or pets that get in the trash you can simply push down on the silver handle to lock it shut.

The lid can also hold itself open. When using the step the lid opens about 80 degrees. If you push it straight open to 90 degrees the lid will hold itself open. This is convenient if you are going to be dumping multiple items into the trash. The bin is also quite mobile. It is equipped with two wheels on the back corners. If you need to move the barrel around the kitchen you can simply grab the front and tip it back a bit to push it around on the wheels. Sometimes it is easier to bring the barrel to the trash rather than make a mess trying to get the trash to the bin. The wheels do not make the bin unstable – you would never know they are there when it is sitting in place.


This is a great trash barrel and well worth the $40 price tag. I was initially hesitant to spend that much for an indoor kitchen barrel since you can pick up basic no-frills bins for about $10. However all of the features make this bin worth the money. The step for the lid functions perfectly and I never open the lid by hand. The wheels are very useful and one of those features I didn’t know that I needed until I used it. The size is ideal for a kitchen bin and was clearly made for your standard kitchen trash bags – no more bags falling into the bin and making a mess. I love that the lid doesn’t slam shut and I love the overall design of the barrel. It looks nice in my kitchen, not an eyesore like some trash bins.

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