Thursday September 29th 2022

Christmas Shopping Ideas – Cold Weather Clothes


One of my favorite gifts for the holiday season is cold weather gear. Depending on your budget this could range from a $10 knit cap to a $200 jacket. Everyone in cooler climates likes clothes that will keep them warm and it is easy to do some one stop shopping for all the adults on your list at one store. You can also avoid jealousy if you buy everyone the same item in a different color or style.

Under $25

If your budget is on the lower end you might consider a trip to Old Navy. They have a number of items in their “performance fleece” line for under $25. For the ladies there is the sherpa lined performance fleece vest for $24.50. I picked up one of these last season and I find it very comfortable for around the house on a chilly evening or even to layer under my ski jacket in the winter. Both the men and women on your list can enjoy the Performance Fleece Half Zip Pullovers or zip up sweaters for $19.50. These are long sleeve fleece sweaters that come in a wide variety of colors. If you are looking for stocking stuffers Old Navy carries a wide variety of performance fleece mittens, gloves, scarves, and caps for $5. They even have fleece hoodies for Fido for $14.50. For more ideas go to Old Navy’s website and search performance fleece.

Under $50

If your budget allows you to shop closer to $50 you might want to check L.L. Bean. For those not familiar, L.L. Bean is an outdoors company that started in Freeport Maine and is now moving into the rest of the US. At L.L. Bean you can find some higher end fleece vests. I purchased on of their men’s fleece vests for $49 for my father for a recent birthday. My dad is not a fan of wearing coats because he doesn’t like to have any extra bulk. L.L. Bean has a great selection of very thin but very warm pieces of outerwear.

L.L. Bean is also well known for their moccasins (slippers). Their traditional moccasins are available for men and women at $49.95, but they also carry a number of slipper options in the $35-$50 range. Slippers are a great gift because most people won’t spend their own money on a pair of good slippers.

For more ideas from L.L. Bean, browse their website and look for the “Top Rated and Under $50″ section.

Over $50

If you have more money to spend you can buy some really nice items from North Face. Over the years North Face has become synonymous with high quality winter gear. Their most famous fleece jacket is the Denali, which cost $165 for men and women and $99 for kids. Chances are if you’ve only seen one North Face coat this is the one you’ve seen. Sure it might be a bit too popular for some but there is a reason people buy it. Interestingly, they now manufacture this jacket out of recycled materials.

Another option I would suggest is to look for heated vests. Last year for Christmas I bought my mom a battery powered Heatha Heated Vest. My mom is a school teacher and has to do “recess duty” in the winter. She can not stop raving about how great the vest is layered under her winter coat. She also loves to wear the vest in the house to help alleviate her arthritis. For more info on heated vests visit and search for “heated vest.” You can find them for $80-$100.


I think cold weather gear makes a great gift. Things like vests and jackets are something everyone already owns one of and they find theirs adequate. It’s not an area where you are going to splurge on something nice for yourself. There have been so many new materials and manufacturing advancements in the past few years many people don’t know about how much great gear there is on the market.

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