Thursday September 29th 2022

Belkin Slim Laptop Backpack – A great fit

belkinBefore finding this bag I had been on the lookout for a good laptop backpack for quite some time. I particularly needed something that would be comfortable and safe to wear while riding my motorocycle. I had tried a few other laptop backpacks but found them all uncomfortable after a short time on the bike. My work issued laptop has a 15 inch screen and a heavy extended battery. It is much heavier than many of the laptops on the market now. I determined the trick to finding a comfortable bag was to get one that fit my slim shoulders well and held the laptop close to my back. Some bags I tried were too big for me and the straps didn’t sit right on my shoulders or they allowed my laptop to flop around and pull away from my back.

Details of the Bag

The bag measures 17 x 11.5 x 2 inches. This is a pretty standard height and width, but the depth is very thin. In addtional to a laptop you could only fit one book at most in this bag. The bag is designed for 15.4″ laptops. My laptop is about this size but has an extended battery on the back making it closer to 16 inches and it still fits well. A number of two toned color combinations are available. I chose the stylish grey and lilac color combination.

In addition to a padded laptop sleeve the bag has a few internal compartments. There is one zippered pocket inside and slips for pens, business cards and other small flat items. The outside of the bag has two long flat zippered pockets and a grommet to pass your ear phones through.

An added bonus feature of the bag is that it comes with a seperate padded pouch for your power cord. I thought this was silly to have at first but once I started using I discovered how much I needed it. The pouch keeps the cord from getting tangled in my bag and makes it easy to transport. I have a docking station at work and do not need to take my power cord to the office with me, so it is very easy to grab the pouch when I am on the road or leave it on the table at home when going to the office. I don’t waste time fishing the cord out from around my keys and pens and junk items floating in the bag.


I love this bag because it is so comfortable. The straps are well padded and attached to the bag in the right spot so that they sit perfectly on my shoulders. The slim design of the bag also holds the computer tight against my back. This hold the weight of the heavy computer in the most ergonomic spot and I barely know it is there.


I was shocked to see the price tag on this bag. I found it on sale for $29.99. A co-worker of mine has a very similiar bag but his was made by Samsonite. I went to their website to look for the bag and it cost over $100. I think the quality of this bag feels quite good and I have yet to see any strains at the seams. The Belkin bag also comes with a “lifetime warranty.” I think the value is great for this price.


This backpack is exactly what I wanted. Its slim design fits close to your back and makes carrying a heavy laptop very easy. I’ve been able to wear it for hour long trips on my motorcycle and it does not dig into my shoulders or hurt my back the way other bags have done. It is not a full sized brief case or book bag so do not buy it if you are looking to carry lots of things. This bag is ideal for just a laptop, power cord and some small personal items.

Thank you for reading my review.

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