Wednesday April 17th 2024

Samsung Galaxy S GPS Rant

I have had the Samsung Galaxy S (aka Vibrant) on the T-Mobile network for a few months now. Unfortunately the GPS sucks. I can hardly ever get a signal. One of the big reasons I wanted an Android phone was to use the RunKeeper app to track my running. The app will tell you things like how far you have run, your speed, calories burned, etc. It is all great but needs to know your starting point. Sometimes the GPS locks onto a signal when I am up the road, which is okay. Other times it doesn’t find its signal until I am a quarter mile away. About 10% of the time I can got for a mile jog and the GPS never locks in on a signal!

Foursquare is another app I can not use on this phone. Forget trying to check in at locations when your GPS can’t find you. I can be sitting with friends on iPhones and other phones who check in within a few seconds. Meanwhile I never find my location.

There was supposed to be a fix for the GPS issues in the October 2010 software update. I received the update to my phone but did not notice any difference.

At this point I would not recommend the Galaxy S phone for someone who is interested in using the GPS features.

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