Thursday February 22nd 2024

Sony DSC-W55 Digital Camera – Old Model, Still Relevant Technology

dscw55I bought this camera about three years ago to replace a now archaic Sony camera. My criteria was simple at the time: something with many megapixels and a good body shape that would fit into my pocket. I was sold on the camera because it came in pretty colors including pink and pale blue. In the years that have passed since buying this camera I have learned more about digital photography and realized there is more to a good camera than all this, of course. I now also have a “big kids camera” – a Nikon D40 DSLR, but I still use my “little camera” when I just want to carry something in my pocket for a quick snapshot here and there.


- 7.2 Megapixel - Despite being a three year old camera it really has more megapixels than you need if you’re just taking snapshots of the family. Megapixels are great and if you’re trying to make big posters of your photos then you do need many more than 7.2 mp. However, if you are just sharing your photos online or printing 4×6 copies this is plenty. In fact I just unpacked an 8×10 print I made a few years ago with this camera and the quality is just fine.

- 3x Optical Zoom Lens - A 3x optical zoom lens does not zoom very far. This zoom feature is great for taking a shot of your skittish cat on the other side of the room, but don’t think you’re going to climb the Empire State Building and take shots of the people getting in and out of taxis. If you’re looking to shoot from a distance you need a camera that can take a lens strapped on.

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