Monday February 17th 2020

BlackBerry Curve Silicone Case – Skin for your Phone

blackberryskinI have owned my BlackBerry Curve (by RIM) for over a year and purchased this cover almost immediately after buying the phone. Like most cell phone users I abuse my phones. I carry it with me all day every day, I spin it in circles on my desk, I toss it from hand to hand as I chat with my friends, I hold it in my hands when I try to carry 20 pounds of groceries in the door, and you get the idea. My phones fall on the ground a lot and need some sort of protection. The very first thing I did after buying the phone was to hop on Google and search for a “skin.” I found this style of case to be quite popular among “crackberry” users.

Details of the Cover

This case is made from silicone and is designed to fit the Blackberry Curve (including model numbers: 8300 8310, 8320, 8330). Calling the cover a “case” is a bit of a misnomer, it would be more appropriate to think of it as a skin. Since it is made of stretchy silicon it’s intended to hug the phone tightly. The cover has cutouts for all of the buttons and, of course, for the keyboard and screen. It is important to note that this cover does not protect the screen or keyboard. This case is available in a wide variety of colors, including: black, grey, sunset red, blue, dark red, pink, purple and many many more.

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