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Cover Girl Outlast Smooth All Day Eyeliner Onyx

I have been using the Cover Girl Outlast Smooth All Day Eyeliner in the onyx color for a couple of years. This is my standard everyday eyeliner. I am a fan of the non-pencil style eyeliners as I find them easier to use and more comfortable. I also need an eyeliner that will stay put all day so I don’t need to re-apply and don’t end up looking like a raccoon. This eyeliner fits the bill on all accounts.

What is it?

The Cover Girl Outlast Smooth All Day Eyeliner is a crayon like eyeliner which sits in a plastic tube. Instead of sharpening the eyeliner like a traditional pencil style unit, you simply turn the tube to push the makeup closer to the surface. This model comes in a grey plastic tube with black on the bottom to indicate its black onyx color.

Like most Cover Girl products this eyeliner is budget friendly. Depending on where you shop it costs between $6 and $9. I use the eyeliner everyday and find one tube lasts me five or six months – I would consider this a good value.

How does it look?

The style of the applicator allows you to get a solid line on your eyelid like you would with liquid liner. When you first apply the eyeliner you can smudge the line a bit so it is not as strong, but after a couple minutes it sets and is not going to go anywhere. The onyx color is a true solid black. If you press lightly on your eyelid when applying it could be considered a dark grey, but if you press firmly you get a true black line.

Why do I like it?

I find this eyeliner is easy and comfortable to apply. Unlike traditional pencils it is not sharp on your sensitive eyelid – it glides on. You also do not need to worry about sharpening the pencil, just twist and apply.

The advertising is true on this product – it does last all day. Even after rubbing my eyelids and most of my other makeup wearing off you can still see the line from this eyeliner. I can usually even still see some of the eyeliner on my eyelids the next morning.


The Cover Girl Outlast Smooth All Day liner is a great makeup bag staple. The liner is easy to use and reliable while remaining friendly to the pocketbook. I would see no reason paying more for a department store eyeliner when this Cover Girl product can easily to the trick.

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