Wednesday April 17th 2024

Weber Basic Vinyl Cover – Simple protection from the elements

Last summer I bought a Weber Kettle charcoal grill to replace my old propane grill. Living in the Northeast I knew that there would be a few month period where weather would not allow me to use the new grill and I would need to protect it. Money was tight so I looked for the cheapest cover that would fit this round kettle grill. I happened to find the Weber Basic Vinyl Cover on the shelf of Home Depot for a bit under $10.

This cover is made of heavy duty vinyl and sports the weber logo on the front. It is a medium gray color and has black stitching around the top. This particular version is made for the 22.5″ kettles and fits loosely enough that it is easy to slip over the top but still stays in place. When it is on the grill it falls about three inches shy of the ground.


I am disappointed that this cover does not have any sort of tie downs at the bottom. The bottom just falls straight down the sides of the grill, it would be nice to have either an elastic bottom or even just two grommets where I could bungee it to the bottom of the grill. Twice, during winter storms, I have had to go chasing after the cover when it blew off the grill.

I also wish the cover was longer. I am afraid the legs of my grill are going to get rusty since they are still exposed to the elements.


The biggest positive of this cover is the price. For under $10 you are getting a solid vinyl cover that will keep the wet weather off your metal grill. The stitching seems quite strong and I do not believe it leaks. After one harsh winter I have not seen any tears in the vinyl material and my grill still looks new – no weather damage. I expect this grill will last a few more winters.

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