Tuesday May 21st 2024

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel – Waste of money!

Pros: easy to use

Cons: do not work, constant chemical smell

After seeing the advertisements I was excited for a product that might help clean my toilets – a chore I hate to perform. I picked up a six pack of the gels three weekends ago and immediately put one in each of my two toilets. I flushed, waiting for something magical to happen, and I saw a couple of suds form in my toilet bowl. I was less than impressed after the initial try and three weeks later I am still quite unimpressed.

How they are supposed to work

Each package comes with a small plastic dispenser filled with 6 gels. The dispenser comes in two pieces and you simply snap the handle onto the dispenser. You then press the dispenser against the inside of your toilet near the rim. The dispenser pushes the gel onto your toilet bowl and you will hear and see the dispenser click into the next hole when the gel has been full applied.

According to the directions each time you flush the gel sends cleaner around and into your bowl cleaning away any remaining mess and leaving a fresh fragrance. The disc are supposed to slowly dissolve over the course of the week and then you need to reapply. I had no problems with the installation process and found this part very easy.

How they actually work

These gels did nothing in my toilet. I have had them installed for 3 weeks. The gels are only supposed to last for 1 week, but I only have two adults in my house. We likely use the toilets less than a typical family. In one of my toilets I can see the disc is dissolving leaving goopy gel running down the inside of my toilet. The disc in the other toilet looks barely used. In the three weeks they’ve been installed I have still had to clean my toilets like normal. Not only do they not keep the toilet clean, they didn’t even extend the time between regular cleanings. I also do not like the smell of the gels. They smell like strong chemicals. This is most unpleasant when you are sitting on the toilet and this exposed chemical is right below your bum. I have no idea what these discs are doing other than sitting in my toilet smelling like chemicals!

Thank you for reading my review.

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