Thursday February 22nd 2024

Bogs Standard Classic Women’s Boot – Perfect mix between snow boot and galoshes

Pros: waterproof, warm, well constructed

Cons: make my feet look big, not good for very deep snow

I got the Bogs mid classic boots for Christmas in 2008. They are a mix between a snow boot and a galosh. Since receiving them I have warn them during every snow storm we have had here in the Northeast. I love these boots, they are both comfortable and very functional. If I lost these boots I would buy another pair in a heartbeat.

Material and Construction

The boots are made from two different materials. The foot part of the boot is completely rubber. The rubber sole has a good non-slip tread that handles icy sidewalks very well. The rubber extends all the way over the top of the foot up to the ankle, making the boot very waterproof like a pair of galoshes. The top part of the boot, from the ankle upwards, is made from a thick neoprene. The neoprene is also waterproof and provides a little stretchiness over the calf. Both the rubber and neoprene are very warm materials and my feet stay comfortable inside these boots.


These boots run a little wider than a typical woman’s shoe. For someone with an average width foot there is still room for a pair of heavy winter socks. Other than width the size is a pretty standard fit. The boots fall a little bit below the midpoint of my calf. They are 9 inches tall from the heel of the boot. I like to tuck my pants into the boot and I find these boots still have room for that.


These boots are definitely more functional than stylish. The pair I have are solid black. The rubber foot of the boot looks quite wide from the outside and makes my feet look very big. It is obvious these are outdoor boots and I always bring a change of shoes with me when wearing them to the office.

Overall Opinion

Overall these boots are just what I need for going out during a typical winter storm. They are extremely waterproof so walking through puddles and wet snow is no issue. The only issue is walking through snow over 9 inches deep. At that point the snow will get in the boots from the top. The boots are very comfortable and I have no problems going out for a winter walk wearing them. They are very well constructed and I have seen no signs of wear in the past year I have owned them.

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