Thursday February 22nd 2024

[Review] Vanilla Bean Noel Body Cream – It’s like wearing candy!

The Vanilla Bean Noel Body Cream is created by US based retail company, Bath & Body Works. Bath & Body Works is a big chain and you will find one of their locations in most big malls in the US and Canada. Bath & Body Works is a division of Limited Brands. As the name suggests they make mostly bath products, soaps, lotions, body sprays and some other things like candles and spa products. Vanilla Bean Noel is one of their popular holiday scents that can only be bought around Christmas time.

How does it smell?

I think Vanilla Bean Noel smells amazing. When I use the lotion my co-workers will constantly ask, “who smells so good?” The smell is a bit of blend between fresh baked sugar cookies and cotton candy. I have had folks walk into a room where I am wearing it and look around for the tasty baked goods that must surely be in the room. While I do love the smell I am glad that it is only available at the holidays. I think this is definitely a winter scent and would be too heavy for the hot summer months. When your tube(s) of body cream run out it is the right time to stop wearing it for the season.

How well does it moisturize?

Bath & Body Works body creams are their heavier lotions. The “body creams” are the lotions that come in the tubes, as opposed to the lighter “body lotions” that comes in a plastic bottle. I find the body cream moisturizes very well and I always turn to the body cream for my wintertime dry skin. Of course, this also means it can be too heavy. I would not use the cream every day in the summer because it is too heavy. It is still good for spot treatment on those trouble dry spots.


Overall, I love the Vanilla Bean Noel body cream. I love to go to Bath & Body Works after the holidays to find it on sale. If you don’t get the cream on sale it is $12 for 8oz – not a very good value in my mind. However Bath & Body Works frequently runs sales and mails out coupons so you can get a much better deal. I love the scent, especially in the winter and find the body cream to be a great moisturizer for the cold weather months.

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