Monday February 17th 2020

Roomba 535 – Awesome Toy; Okay Vacuum

roombaI have owned many different Roomba’s over the years. I currently own the 535 model, which is essentially the same as the 530 model but bundled for sale by HSN. I’ve actually owned 3 of the 535′s – the first two were defective and returned. Fortunately, the third time seems to be a charm. Many years ago I also owned a first generation Roomba which lasted for a few years before the motor died.

What is a Roomba?

Roomba is created by iRobot, a Massachusetts based company, who do a lot of work on military robots. It is a round, flat robot with three wheels and a vacuum that drives itself around your house sucking up your dirt. The top of the Roomba stands about 5 inches off the ground. Most of the time Roomba travels on a calculated path back and forth across your room for a very long time hitting every inch of floor. Sometimes watching the Roomba can be frustrating because it does seem to go over the same areas over and over while you can see pieces of dirt in other parts of the room. To appreciate the Roomba you really need to be patient and understand that it is a robot – it can’t see the dirt, it just knows what path it needs to take to cover the room.

The robot has built in sensors so it knows when it is approaching a cliff (like a stairway) and will not fall down. This generation of Roomba’s also feature a sensor that alerts Roomba when it is getting close to a wall so it will just gentley tap the wall. Prior versions of Roomba didn’t have this feature and were apt to leave a mark on the baseboard or furniture it hit. Additionally, Roomba comes with a “lighthouse.” The lighthouse is a small device that can communicate boundries to Roomba. For example, if you don’t want Roomba to cross into the next room you can set this lighthouse in the doorway and the Roomba will not pass.

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    I love my Roomba.

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