Sunday October 17th 2021

NEIT Solutions – Service gone horribly wrong

webhostI was a customer of NEIT Solutions from sometime in 2001 until just last month. That is about 8 years. When I initially signed on with NEIT I was very happy with both the levels of service and the cost. Over time, however, the service not only got worse but became non-existent. Their costs also never decreased despite competitors continually decreasing their prices. Finally after a horrible support experience I switched to another provider, Verve Hosting, and am much happier.

Who is NEIT and what do they do?

NEIT Solutions is a web host. In other words, if you decided you wanted a web page at you would contact a web host and purchase a hosting package from them. For a personal user or home business you would commonly pay a web host between $5-$20 a month to “host” or store and display your content. When you buy a package from a webhost you are given a certain amount of storage space (usually a few hundred mbs) a few email addresses and some utilities to help you manage your web page. There are thousands of businesses that offer web hosting in the US offering the same services. When deciding on a web host the two distinguishing factors you should look at is customer service and costs.

Customer Service

When I initially signed on with NEIT their support was great. I would get answers to my emailed questions within a few hours. Their support started to decline over the past year to the point that I could not get them to respond to me at all for a simple request. About two months ago I had a small technical problem – after a long day I tried to quickly log in to my site to make some updates. However, I was careless and mistyped my password four times causing my IP to be blocked from my site! Not only could I not log into the site to make my changes I couldn’t even view my site anymore. I went to NEIT’s knowledge base and discovered that they do indeed ban IPs with multiple failed password attempts and the only resolution is to open a support ticket to get yourself unbanned. I immediately opened a ticket and waited. The incident happened on a Friday night and I was very upset not to hear back by Monday, but was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt since it was the weekend. Then Monday came and went and I opened another ticket. Still no response by the following Friday. I tried calling the only phone number on the website and only got a recording telling me to email them my phone number for support. I sent a third email and still got no response. At this point I had been locked out of my own website for over a week. I found this unacceptable and began shopping for a new host.

Without boring everyone with the technical details I then wasted my weekend trying to back up and move my files to the new host while still blocked from my site. It was a very trying and irritating experience. I eventually got my files to the new host and was ready to cancel my account. I opened yet another ticket to cancel the account – as their site instructs you to do – without response. Finally, after emailing an angry letter threatening to report them as fraud to every email address I could imagine I got a very short response saying “your account has been canceled.” No one ever addressed the unanswered tickets or my frustrations.


Back in 2001 I picked NEIT because they were a little bit less expensive than the host I normally used. This was a mistake that I have paid for over the years. Between 2001 and 2009 the price of storage dropped dramatically and most web hosts lowered their prices accordingly. For years I did not pay attention as the same monthly fee I always paid hit my credit card each month. Then as I did my research I realized I could get an equivalent package from another more reputable host for half the price! NEIT never adjusted their prices to stay with the market trends and the competitors have.


I should have switched away from NEIT years ago. Their customer service and technical support is non-existent. No one answers their phones and no one answers their tickets and emails. On top of that their prices are double what I am not paying at a much better host. I switched to Verve Hosting, am paying less, and I get responses to my emails within the hour.

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