Thursday September 29th 2022

Riondo Pink Prosecco

i_pink_rabosoA few weeks ago a house guest brought a bottle of Riondo Pink Prosecco to my house for a party. I briefly admired the pretty bottle and then put it into the fridge. It did not end up getting opened that night and I just recently decided to crack it open. Not being much of a wine connoisseur I was not familiar with prosecco and was confused if this bottle was a wine or champagne. Even after opening the bottle and tasting the pink drink I was still unsure. I began a google search and learned a bit about prosecco.

What is prosecco?

According to wikipedia, prosseco is a dry sparkling wine made from white prosecco grapes. It comes from the Veneto area of Italy. It should be consumed chilled and can be served unmixed or as an ingredient in a cocktail. Unlike champagne prosecco does not ferment over time and should be consumed before it is two years old. Prosecco also typically has a lower alcohol content then champagne, between 10-12%.

Riondo Pink Prosecco

Riondo Pink Prosecco comes in an attractive clear bottle with a pink label and a feminine cursive font. The prosecco is, as the name describes, pink in color. The bottle is sealed with a cork which is slightly bulging. A silver string is tied over the cork and at first it may look like the wire cage that covers the cork on a bottle of champagne. There was also a thin tape covering the cork but on my bottle it had already lost its stickiness and fallen half off. I opened the bottle with a traditional cork screw and it popped only a slight bit more than a bottle of wine. The Riondo Pink Prosecco has a 10.5% alcohol content by volume. It is fairly inexpensive and costs about $10 a bottle.


The Riondo Pink Prosecco has a light and sweet taste, reminiscent of a rose wine. The initial sip is sweet and then you only get the slightest bit of a tart aftertaste. It left my lips a bit sticky and makes a great after dinner, desert drink. It is slightly carbonated, but no where near as bubbly as a champagne. It is very easy to drink and also easy to forget you’re drinking an alcoholic beverage.
This would be a good introductory drink for someone who is not a fan of the stronger tasting wines. It might be a bit too sweet for some people though.


I would definitely buy this prosecco again. Not only did I enjoy drinking it but it was a good introduction to the prosecco style of wine. A bottle of the Riondo Pink Proesocco is a great choice to bring to a party as it will likely appeal to a large group and can be found at a budget price. The packaging is fun, if a bit girly, and would also make a nice gift for a lady friend.

Pros: sweet, light taste, pretty packaging, inexpensive

Cons: might be too sweet for some

Thank you for reading my review.

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