Monday February 17th 2020

Peticure Petite – Cheap Entry Level Solution

peticureI have used a few different dremel tools to trim dog’s nails over the years. When I heard about the Peticure, a dremel tool made for pets it seemed like a great product. With some of the bigger dremels I had been fearful of the dremel getting away from me and hurting the dogs. I was also intrigued by the guard they offer that goes over the dremel.

What is it?

The Peticure is a dremel tool that has been adapted for pet use. Normally you find dremels (aka rotary tools, Dremel is actually a brand of rotary tool) at the hardware store and people use them for woodworking projects, sanding, polishing, drilling and those sorts of tasks. For many years dog groomers have also used dremels to file dogs nails. You simply place a sanding bit on the end of your dremel and run the dremel at a slow speed while pressing the pets nail against the sand paper. This files the nail down.

While the Peticure is not a new concept they made a version of the tool and began marketing it specifically to pet owners and selling it on late night TV infomercials. The Peticure can be used on both dogs and cats as well as rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets. The Peticure comes in two sizes the “petite” for pets under 15 lbs. and the “elite” for larger pets. I have the petite model. The petite model has a 3.6 volt rechargeable battery. The motor on the petite model runs at one speed and it is 5,000 RPMs.

The Peticure also comes with a unique guard that fits over the sandpaper and has a small hole for your pets nail to fit in. This is intended to protect you and your pet from the sanding process.

Why use a dremel tool (of any brand) over clippers

I think any dremel tool is a great alternative to a nail clipper or trimmer. I find it easier to use than clippers. With clippers I am always fearful I will cut too far and hurt the dog. With a dremel you are filing away the nail very gradually. Depending on the dog, they may also tolerate a dremel tool better than traditional clippers. Instead of a pair of clippers that grab the nail a second before the clip the dremel is a constant, and hopefully boring, buzz in the background.


One advantage of the Peticure Petite is its relatively slow speed… Read More…

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