Friday September 24th 2021

UGODOG Indoor Potty – You Go Dog!

ugodog I used the UGODOG potty solution for a three month period with my Italian Greyhound, Teagan. Teagan was about a year old at the time, and she was already trained to potty on “wee pads” indoors. She made the transition from the pads to this potty relatively well with a few expected accidents along the way. I ultimately had to stop using the UGODOG potty because of an unfortunate event with my dog. One day my dog got her toe nail caught in the grate of the potty and it became stuck, she panicked and tried to run off with the grate stuck to her foot. While she was not at all hurt by this incident she was traumatized and refused to step on the potty again, opting to pee beside or near it until we got a new solution. Getting her foot stuck only happened once in three months and was probably a bit of a freak accident, she did however knock the grates off the tray a number of times.

What is the UGODOG potty?

The UGODOG potty is a plastic tray with a plastic grate that sits on top. The dog goes to the bathroom on the potty and the pee filters through the grate; poop stays on top of the grate for easy pick up. The potty comes in one size, 67 x 48.5 x 2.5 cm, for all dog breeds. This is a bit bigger than your standard wee pad. The UGODOG can be used with a wee pad or newspapers lining the tray or by itself.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the UGODOG potty is very simple. I always used the product alone, not with a pad or newspaper in the tray. If you are using this configuration you first take the grates off the potty and then you empty the urine into your toilet. After that you wipe the potty down with your favorite disinfectant cleaner. The most challenging part of cleaning the potty is transporting it to the toilet, because of its size it is a bit awkward to carry around your house.

The UGODOG potty needs to be cleaned everyday. Because of the open grate system the urine is sitting out in the open. Unlike some competitor solutions that use grass or pads to absorb the pee here it is exposed to the air. I found this to cause my house to get smelly even after just one use.

There are barely any costs associated with maintenance of this product. It does not need any refills or replacement parts like other solutions – it is just a plastic contraption that you clean with a household cleaner. It is also very eco friendly as a result.

Advantages over other solutions

One huge advantage to the UGODOG potty over most other solutions is that the dog is immediately separated from their urine. With grass or pad solutions the dog will turn around and step on the spot where they peed and track it around on their feet. It is also quite obvious when a dog has peed on this potty. This could be a positive or negative. If you are training a dog to use the potty you can look and easily see if they have gone, but as I described earlier you may also smell that they have gone.


I think the UGODOG is a decent indoor potty solution. The grate design is unique and none of the competitors have this feature. This is also likely the least expensive solution out there – when factoring in both the initial cost and the upkeep. If my dog had not had her unfortunate accident I would probably still use this potty.

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