Wednesday January 26th 2022

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Blik Surface Graphics: Mini-Review

Blik Surface Graphics are decals that stick to your walls (or other surfaces). They are permanent stickers, but can be removed without damaging the paint. I recently bought a rather large one from their Threadless (yes, the t-shirt site) collection called "Brazilian Spirit." The installation was a bit tricky because it had so many intricate [...]

Roomba 535 – Awesome Toy; Okay Vacuum

Roomba 535 – Awesome Toy; Okay Vacuum

I have owned many different Roomba's over the years. I currently own the 535 model, which is essentially the same as the 530 model but bundled for sale by HSN. I've actually owned 3 of the 535's - the first two were defective and returned. Fortunately, the third time seems to be a charm. Many years ago I also owned a first generation Roomba [...]

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